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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an RTM?

RTM stands for Ready-To-Move home.  These homes are constructed at our location in Lucky Lake and moved to the customer site when completed.  

Do you build custom plans?

Over 75% of our homes built are custom homes, so yes, we welcome all plans and designs.  We also have our stock plans that you can choose from and make changes to.  We work closely with our plan designer to come up with a specific plan just right for you.

Will the walls crack during the move?

Minor cracks in the drywall do appear in most RTM homes.  These cracks are cosmetic, and do not affect the structural integrity of your new home. Once your home is on the foundation and dependent on the temperature inside of your new home, we will schedule a time fix these cracks and repaint where necessary.  

What about the on-site work? 

There are a few different options when it comes to foundations.  Pressure Treated Wood (PWF), Concrete or Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) are the most common.  We offer a full-scale on-site package (with the purchase of an RTM home) which includes the foundation, garage and eavestrough (may also be purchased separately).   

If you have a contractor that will be taking care of the on-site work, we are more than happy to communicate with them regarding basement specs and bracing to prepare for the move.  

What do I need to do once my RTM is on the foundation?

If you are contracting your own on-site, the installation of the basement stairs, electrical service, plumbing and heating system, septic and water services must be complete.  

If you contact Ken's Lumber to perform the on-site, we are able to take care of the stake-out, excavation, foundation, bracing for the move, beams & teleposts, foundation floor, basement stairs, plumbing and heating (HVAC), electrical tie-in, garage, decks, overhangs and eavestroughing.   

What type of warranty do you offer?

We are members of the Saskatchewan New Home Warranty program. This provides you with a 1 year workmanship & material warranty and a 10 year structural warranty.  For all of our homes, we also have a one year all inclusive warranty on our products.  When the one year warranty date arrives, we contact you to discuss any issues and we promptly visit you to fix any deficiencies.  

Are houses inspected as they are built?

Our homes are inspected at different stages by a third-party inspector .  We have a strict quality control program that we follow. On site construction inspections are conducted on a daily basis.

Can I finish the interior of the house myself, is this possible?

We have an option to build your home to the drywall stage and this will then allow you to do all your interior finishing.

What happens if the RTM is damaged while en-route? 

The movers we use are the best in the business, and are fully insured. The customer is not liable for the home until it is placed on the foundation.  Our insurance covers the home on our site, the movers' insurance covers the home while it is in transport and the homeowner insurance covers the home when placed on the foundation.

How much does it cost to move an RTM?

Moving costs are dependent on the location and the size of the home that is being moved - estimated move costs are figured out at the pricing stage and final move costs are adjusted once the home is on site.

What are the advantages of building an RTM?

Quality Control – We have a dedicated staff and supervisors that oversee the construction process from beginning to end.  Our subtrades have been loyal to us for many years and produce high quality work that we can be proud of.  

Time Saving – Building an RTM saves you time. On site builds can take up to 12 months to complete whereas RTM homes average less time to complete.

Cost Control – because we build your RTM in a controlled environment, we minimize theft, material delays, and travel time costs which in turn keep the cost of your home down.

Convenience – we take care of the details instead of dealing with the scheduling of several contractors on your own.

How much does an RTM cost per square foot?

The cost per square foot is dependent on the finishes that are chosen. Our standard specification price per square foot includes many items that other builders consider upgrades.

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